As special dishes, we offer the following:
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(1) Salads (2) Seafood Appetizers, (3) Maria’s Menu  (Gto, Mx), (4) Asian Flair, (5) Seafood Dinners, (6) Meaty Dinners.  

  • Ahi Tuna Appetizer (black & blue)
    with in-season fruit salad, 10.95
  • Seafood Cigars (3) 
    seafood spring rolls: ahi tuna, salmon, prawns with veggies,bean noodles served over in-season fruit salad, 14.75
  • Lady’s Crazy Salad
    In season Veggies & Fruits, with Balsamic Vinaigrette and Orange-Sesame Dressing,
    Plus your choice of Blue Cheese or Feta.
    w/Grilled Chicken: 17.50   w/ Prawns (grilled or sweet & sour): 19.95
  • Crab Caesar Salad  
    Fresh crab meat tossed with avocado, tomato, onions, in heart of romaine lettuce, Small: 14.95, Large: 19.95
MARIA’S MENUS (Cualanda, Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato, Mexico Style)
  • Mole
    Grilled Chicken over Rice, with Beans & Tortillas, 13.95
  • Tamales (Pork or Chicken)
    service with Rice & Beans, One: 7.00, Two: 11.95
  • Sopes (Two a la carte)
    Soft Masa Tostada topped with beans, lettuce, tomato, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and cheese, meat is optional,
    One: 5.00, Two: 9.50
  • Miso Soup (Soy Bean Base)
    prawns, Japanese rice noodles, in-season veggies & sriracha chili, 9.75 
  • Dragon (Chowmein)
    Dragon stir-fry noodles, spicy at your discretion, Chicken- 10.95, Prawns 14.50
  • Spring Rolls (Vegetarian or Beef)
    bean noodles, Napa cabbage, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, bell peppers & yellow onions, 6.95 
  • Wontons (Chicken)
    with Monterey cheese and sweet ‘n’ sour sauce, 6.95 
  • Pot Stickers (Pork)
    with a side of soy sauce, 5.95  
SEAFOOD DINNERS ~Served with Veggies & Potato (roasted garlic, mashed, blue cheese gratine)
  • Salmon (Roasted King)
    with sweet ‘n’ sour chili sauce, 21.95
  • Ahi Tuna (Black & Blue)
    seared with sesame seeds, topped with wasabi aioli & served over orange ponzu sauce, 21.95
  • Sweet ‘n’ Sour Prawns & Roasted Scallops
    in spicy Louisiana sauce topped with wasabi aioli, 21.95
  • Tilapia Fillet
    with sweet ‘n’ sour sauce, 15.75 
MEATY DINNERS ~Served with Veggies & Potato (roasted garlic, mashed, blue cheese gratine) Or Served with Rice & Beans (refried, whole, black beans)
  • Maple Roasted Duck Breast 
    cranbery cabernet sauce, 19.95
  • Double Cut Pork Chop
    crispy & juicy, with caramelized onion or tomatillo, 18.50
  • Rib-Eye Steak (14 oz)
    caramelized onion sauce, 25.95
  • Tampiqueña (14 oz)
    Rib-Eye served in bell peppers, onions, Monterey cheese, & tomatillo salsa (i.e. philly cheese rib-eye steak without a bun) (cooked to your temperature), 26.95

Items are available unless otherwise stated by your server *prices subject to change with season